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ASCII chart with C source

Show Apache environment variables
and query data
I don't want web crawlers to index this link, so you'll have to enter the URL by hand.
GET or POST queries are optional. The HTML page has forms to demo GET and POST methods.
download source file as tar archive

Tom's .emacs file.
download a tar archive containing .emacs

Expected value of
preferentially selected dice.
A new fast algorithm predicting the weighted value of all outcomes by their probability when large numbers of dice are rolled and some number of low value results are removed. Imagine that someone is rolling 10 six sided dice and throwing out the 5 lowest numbers. This Perl script answsers the question "What sum should you bet on to break even, on average."

A second exhaustive script is included for time comparison.

Newtonian approximation
Currently in development.

Show HTTP headers from web page request
I don't want web crawlers to index this link, so you'll have to enter the URL by hand: software is open source so you have the security of both your data, and the code necessary to keep your projects going. If your ASP using proprietary software has a disaster or goes out of business, how will you duplicate the functionality of their proprietary packages? You might be out of business too. Be safe, be secure:, the open source ASP.

Think about who you are entrusting your data to. What would happen if your data were unavailable? Can you retrieve your data and migrate to a new system in a matter of hours? What happens to your data and workflow if the ASP goes out of business? Your ASP might give you backups of your data, but without all the ASP's software your data is nearly useless.

Can your ASP demonstrate a high level of functionality in each of these areas?

  • Security and account management
  • File conversion (ability to convert uploaded files into a standard type)
  • Display layer (control of the appearance of the various pages)
  • Email flexibility and redundancy (all workflow systems send emails to concerned persons)
  • Configure text and display (tools to configure instruction text, etc.)
  • Templates (templates to control the display layer)
  • Reporting
  • Data import and export
  • Configure workflow (setting up the decision points in the process)
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance,. feature verification, and launch process (how do new features get tested and made live)
  • Ability to turn off product (Users should get friendly messages, and be able to determine system status)
  • Backup data and code daily, off site storage, provide regular copies of backups for you to keep on your site (or in your safe deposit box)
  • Automated system status monitoring
  • Crisis plan (fire, power outage, network outage etc.)