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This page last modified: Apr 18 2007
title:Notes about transcoding flac and ogg music files
description:Brief notes on transcoding flac to ogg or faac.

This web page had good hints and supplied the script:

Drop these two lines of text into a file, and then chmod to make it executable:

flac -cd "${1}" | oggenc -b "192" -o "$(basename "${1}" .flac).ogg" -

chmod +x

Use the find command and -exec to convert files. After conversion,
copy the .m3u for the flac files and change the file extensions to

cd /mymusic/some_artist/some_album/
find . -name "*.flac" -exec sh ~/ {} \;

This appears to be a command to transcode flac to faac:

flac -dc filename.flac | faac - -o filename.mp4