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This page last modified: Mar 19 2007

I called Rudy Project USA for a few odd questions about the Exception
glasses.  The support number is 888-860-7597. Selection 2 took me
directly to customer service. The woman who answered was very nice and

The "plano" lense is the non-prescription sunglasses lens. In the
Exception, the plano lens is normally in the flip-up attachment, but
the plano lens can be inserted directly into the frame (the RX inserts
have to be removed). The RX inserts (sometimes called "clips") in the
Exception are plastic ring-like things similar to the lens holding
part of old-schoole plastic frames. This is different from most of the
other Rudy RX frames.

If your local opticians don't carry Rudy, you'll have to order online
( or another online supplier) and take the frames to your
local shop to get the RX lenses fit. 

- The EVO plano lens was only offered for a year. It wasn't very
  popular. It is still available as a replacement. The EVO has a
  slightly different shape from the standard Exception plano lens.

- Progressive RX lenses are compatible with either the STD or LX
  inserts, as long as the strength of the lens is compatible. I didn't
  ask about the maximum diopter strength compatible with the STD
  inserts. The size difference between the inserts is small: only a
  couple of millimeters in each direction.

- As of this writing I haven't worn the Exception outside the
  optician's shop. However, it seems like the nose-piece has small
  clearance with the flip-up attached. My concern would be getting
  smacked in the face (the extreme sports lifestyle: playing is
  getting hurt), and getting a cut on my nose from the glasses. Rudy
  customer support has never heard of a problem, so maybe there isn't
  a problem.

- The polarized lenses say Polar3FX, and these are only available in
  grey and brown. The other color plano lenses are not polarized (I
  didn't ask about ImpactFX or the photochromic lenses).

- I'm thinking about wearing Rudys all the time, as a normal pair of
  glasses, with the flip-up removed when indoors, at night, etc. The
  woman at Rudy could not recall ever seeing anyone wear the Exception
  without the flip-ups. If I get Exeception glasses, I'll post photos
  of them on my friends.