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This page last modified: Dec 08 2006
title:RCS Keywords, date, etc. and timezone hints
description:Keyword variables available in RCS, and how to force the timezone to be local.

See "man co" for RCS keywords including:


Dates default to UDT (heaven only knows why they don't default
to the local timezone). I tried entering -zEDT, but that resulted in
some very strange looking timestamps. -zLT memnonic for Local Timezone
works just fine. 

CVS has the same "feature", but I haven't bothered to figure out if
the -z option works with CVS or what is necessary to get CVS to use
the local timezone.

Checkin your file with a command like this:

ci -zLT -m"checkin comment" -l file

Here is an example snippet from of Perl source:

# $Id:,v 1.7 2006-12-07 14:04:43-05 mdt3k Exp mdt3k $