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This page last modified: Aug 28 2009
description:Build the web100clt from source, and run to determine network speeds.
title:NDT client build and test

No kernel patch or special software is necessary to build the
web100clt command line client. While you must patch your kernel to run
the NDT server, no patches are necessary for the client. There is a
client Java applet that runs in a web browser. I'm unclear why the
command line "client" is not simply the Java applet as an

This is useful to test speeds between servers when your server isn't
running a graphical desktop (aka X windows, aka runlevel 5).

You can probably build this in your user directory, but I just built
and installed it as root. You can run it from a normal user account.

The NDT servers below have http web interfaces.

There seems to be a bug in the Java applet with Firefox Linux. The
start button briefly appears, then the entire set of buttons
disappears. Reload the page and quickly click "Start".

I'm running all this with Fedora 11. 

Here are the web100clt build commands:

su -l root
tar -zxvf ndt-3.5.0.tar.gz
cd ndt-3.5.0
find . -name "web100clt*"
file src/web100clt
cp src/web100clt /usr/local/bin/
web100clt -n
web100clt -n