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This page last modified: Jul 29 2005
description:Zonet ZFM5600-CF PCMCIA modem  works great and appears to be totally compatible with Fedora Core 3 Linux.
title:Zonet ZFM5600-CF PCMCIA modem works great with Fedora Core 3 Linux.

Updated July 29, 2005

Zonet's web page:

Nice pcmcia v.92 dial up modem. Full hardward modem (not
wintel). Works with Linux, specifically tested with Fedora Core 3 on a
Compaq Presario (yes, it's an ancient machine: 390MHz CPU, 384Kb ram,
4Gb hard drive).

I had to use /dev/ttyS1 since the network control couldn't use the sym
link /dev/modem. Don't know why. Also used the network control instead
of kppp since kppp doesn't have a "allow all users to activate"
feature. FWIW, I think I went in as root and 

chmod o+rw /dev/ttyS1

Settings are 115200 baud, CTS/RTS, CR line endings, no lock file.

The internal serial port is /dev/ttyS0, and apparently that is also
the built-in wintel modem. I never had any success with the built in
wintel modem. The linmodem stuff that I downloaded wouldn't run due to
some library conflict (I seem to recollect that it wanted an older

From NewEgg:

Zonet ZFM5600-CF V.92 56Kbps FAX/Modem PCMCIA PC Card - Retail 

Price from NewEgg was $30 including shipping. I think the modem
arrived 4 business days after being ordered.