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This page last modified: Oct 03 2007
title:Hints, tricks and suggestions for Google Docs spreadsheets and documents.
description:A quick tutorial on Google Docs spreadsheets import and hits about documents.

Table of contents
Importing tab separated text
New window and two or more documents/spreadsheets
Exporting presentations as HTML

Importing tab separated text

When importing into a spreasheet, Google Docs (aka Docs) spreadsheets
will automatically detect and import tab separated text (tab separated
values) into a spreadsheet, but the file extension must be ".txt". If
you use ".csv" then Docs expects true comma separated values. (Excel
and some other spreadsheets are forgiving about putting tab separated
text into so-called csv files.)

(By the way, if you simply "upload" a .txt file, then Docs will assume
that you wanted a document, not a spreadsheet. Create an empty
spreadsheet first, then import.)

You must be in a spreadsheet. Use the menu "File" -> "Import..." then Docs
will open a new spreadsheet. I haven't experimented enough to find a
method to "insert" a set of values into a spreadsheet from the File
menu. Copy and paste works to insert values into spreadsheets.

You can open a document that contains an HTML table, copy the table,
and paste into a spreadsheet in another window. I guess that copying
tab separated values from a document and pasting into a spreadsheet
will work also.

If you are using Postgres and need the hints on creating tab separated
values or HTML see:

New window and two or more documents/spreadsheets

When creating a new doc or spreadsheet, Docs opens a new
window. However, when uploading, Docs does not create a new window. If
you need the main Docs file listing, open a new browser window, and
enter the URL (the full URL is
but you can enter the short version). Docs knows you are already
logged in, and therefore takes the new window directly to your Docs
file list.

If you want to preview your document in a non-editing, new window you
have to use a work around. Google doesn't have a feature for
this. There are a couple of ways to view your document in a second window. 

Open your document to edit as normal. Right click the "Preview" link
and "open in new window". You now have a second editing window. Do not
edit in this window. Click the "Preview" link (a normal left
click). This should open the document in a non-editing "View".

Exporting presentations as HTML

Presentations do not have an "export as HTML" feature from inside the
presentation. Instead, save and close. From the Docs file list, click
the checkbox next to your presentation and from the "More actions"
menu choose "Save as HTML (zipped)..." item. This will download a zip
archive containing all necessary files and folders for your
presentation. Move this zip to your web server, create a folder as
necessary, and unzip. The first slide apparently has a file name which
is the same as the title of your presentation. (This is unfortunate
since the standard default name for home pages is index.html or