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This page last modified: Oct 09 2009
description:Steps to install Google Chrome unstable .deb on Fedora
title:Manual install of Google Chromium Linux.

Table of contents
Rant on ar, lzma, rar


Use these commands to install Google Chrome for all users. This worked
for me with Fedora 11. I was also able to install Chrome in a
subdirectory of my home directory, but that is odd and I don't
recommend it.

You'll need root access. This assumes that you (mst3k) downloaded the
Chrome unstable .deb into your home directory using Firefox. It also
assumes that you don't have ar or lzma installed. They don't seem to
be standard with Fedor, although they are in the binutils package.

The dev channel URL:

su -l root
mkdir chrome
cd chrome/
mv /home/mst3k/Download/google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb .
yum whatprovides *usr/bin/ar
yum install binutils
ar vx google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb 
lzma -d data.tar.lzma 
tar -xf data.tar 
cp -r opt/google/ /opt/
cp usr/share/man/man1/google-chrome.1 /usr/share/man/man1
cp usr/share/gnome-control-center/default-apps/google-chrome.xml /usr/share/gnome-control-center/default-apps/
cd /lib
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
ln -s /lib/
chmod 4755 /opt/google/chrome/chrome-sandbox
ln -s /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome /usr/bin/google-chrome

All done. You should be able to run Chrome by running
/usr/bin/google-chrome from a terminal, or the desktop "run" command
(right click), or by adding it to the start menu (aka application
launcher menu?).

Rant on ar, lzma, rar

I'm unclear why the Debian package people chose ar and lzma (and I'm
not interested enough to search for the answer). If it ain't broke,
don't fix it. Tar and gzip work great and we all have them.  I suggest
that everyone tempted to rewrite established utilities like tar, or
gzip spend their time filling a real need. Don't do a new ground-up
rewrite of a working utility. The world does not need another archive
format or compression utility. I was irritated as the dickens the
first time someone sent me a .rar file. It amounts to nothing more
than wasting other people's time. Use a utility that everyone already
has.  Avoid the lunacy of forcing everyone to download some new
utility and then to read the usage or man page. Just use what we have.

Follow standards and conventions. People who flout conventions aren't
leaders and pace-setters. They aren't smarter than the rest of us, but
they are irritating time wasters.