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This page last modified: Oct 27 2010
description:Fixing a 535 smtp auth failed error in Gmail
title:535 smtp auth fix

The key is this error message that is part of the bounce back:

535 SMTP AUTH failed with the remote server. (state 8).

See these Gmail support threads:

Cause: either Google or your SMTP gateway has lost authentication
(lost your password), or you changed your password in the account you
are using for "send mail as". 

Solution: In my case I changed my "Send mail as" user name from
"" to "mst3k". Prior to today there was no problem
with the old user name. I have not change my password. There is no
apparently change at the mail servers, but it is possible
that something changed at

Here are the exact steps to fix this problem, starting in Gmail:

click "Settings"
click "Accounts and Imports"
scroll to "Send mail as"
click "edit info" for the account in question
a dialog box pops up
click "next step"
check your user name
click "Edit your password"
enter password
click "save changes"

Google will immediately try your user name and password. There will be
a red error message if the authentication didn't work.