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This page last modified: Jun 30 2004
Making a release.

It may not be appropriate to copy options.reminders to the new site. 
As of 2003-04-16 it probably works fine.

Increment the VERSION in options.reminders and/or options.txt.

Tar all the html, Perl sources, SQL files, and the options* files:

$ tar -cvf cmgene_`date +%Y-%m-%d`.tar *.html *.pl *.sql options*

Make a backup copy of the new location before you update:

$ tar -xvf ~/cmgene_backup_`date +%Y-%m-%d`.tar ./

Move any tar files at the new location into the archive directory
(or somewhere else out of the way):

$ mv *.tar achive/

scp the tar file to the new location, and untar.