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This page last modified: Jan 21 2011
title:Firefox maximize windows fullscreen and config
description:How to default firefox to full screen maximized windows, and how to use the about:config interface with KDE. Link to Firefox font config.

For more details about Firefox fonts, see:

It appears that the modern way to control user font settings is via
.css files in the applications preferences directory for each

Find and change most Firefox internal config values:


This allows you to double click to modify, or right click for more
options. Crude and geeky, but seems to work.

However, some (all?) settings found in localstore.rdf are not configureable from

I don't know what changed but the trick to getting Firefox to 
maximize browser windows all the time:

- resize window. I used right-click in title bar, and then resize.
Resizing by dragging a window border may also work. (

- Maximize window with the maximize button.

- Exit Firefox (so it saves it's current state).

When I restarted Firefox after this, it was maximized, and all new
browser windows are maximized. Prior to doing this, I couldn't find
any setting that would make Firefox open maximized, and new browser
windows always opened at the same size as the browser when
it first launched. As far as I can tell, this behavior is undocumented.
At least searching Google for quite a long time with all kinds of combinations
of keywords didn't turn up anything interesting (granted that I never
go beyond the 3 page of results).

This all applies to KDE. I couldn't find a KDE setting to maximize
one application's windows. I'm guessing that some of the KDE window
arcana could do this, but it isn't documented, and even if it was,
the docs would have to describe Firefox's windows class properties.
Besides, I don't want all Firefox windows maximized, only the