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This page last modified: Feb 03 2010
keywords:rar,unrar,fedora,fedora 11, fedora 12,install,repo,rpmfusion
description:Install unrar or other rar support packages on Fedora 11 or Fedora 12 (or any other Fedora distro)
title:unrar and rar install via yum

The .rar file format sucks because we do not need another archive
format. Some people insist on using it and there is support under
Fedora Linux. Nonetheless, I suggest that when someone gives you a
.rar you strongly suggest that they go back to .zip or .tar in the
future. We must all fight stupid, unnecessary file formats.

Follow these steps. The rar utilities are in rpmfusion. Rpmfusion is
basically a requirement for serious work with Fedora, so you'll want
this repository in your yum list of repos.

Due to the slow speed of yum for simple lookup of package names, I
keep a text file with the output from "yum list all".

su -l root
rpm -ivh
rpm -ivh
yum list all > yum_list.txt
grep unrar yum_list.txt 
yum install unrar