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This page last modified: Jun 30 2004
Brian Key wrote:
> Brennan Cleveland wrote:
>> Hello,
> [snips]
>> ifconfig as normal.  I can ping my own IP ( but NO 
>> packets leave eth0 to go out to the network.  I cant ping anything but 
>> my own IP.  If I try to use DHCP from my router, it doesnt get an IP 
>> at all. (I have a small LAN behind a DSL Gateway/Router).  Also, when 
>> I use the route command, it takes upwards of 30 seconds to pull up the 
>> routing table.  On a functioning machine, this only takes a second or so.
> [snips]
> This sounds like a problem I had where everything is fine apart from the 
> lack of packets leaving the interface.
> Try appending acpi=off as a kernel boot parameter.
Sending acpi=off to the kernel worked!  Strangely, before this also, the 
  startup sounds of KDE didnt play, and now they do.  I never would have 
thought to do that.