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This page last modified: Jul 09 2009
description:How to disable the ALT key in Konsole
title:Konsole menu disable


Under the View menu, choose "Show menu bar" to disable the
menus. There is no checkmark or other context clue. To enable menus,
right click, choose "Show menu bar".


The ALT key is used frequently in some software, especially
Emacs. However, the default behavior of the KDE terminal program,
Konsole, is to detect a press of ALT as meaning the user wants to
access the Konsole menus via the keyboard. Pressing and releasing the
ALT key puts Konsole into this mode. 

Some of us who use the ALT key constantly are prone to press it like
we would shift or control, and this key press leaves Konsole in the
very irritating state of taking keyboard input as menu commands. A
second key press of ALT toggles the mode (getting you out of menu key

Disabling the menubar solves the problem. The state of the menu bar is
saved globally, and is not part of the profile. As far as I can tell,
there are no profile (options, config) settings that effect the menu
bar, although there are tab settings.

Normal keyboard shortcuts continue to work when the menu bar is not