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This page last modified: Oct 11 2007
title:Camtasia lock up work around.
description:Prevent Camtasia from hanging with large presentations.

From an anonymous user:

Here is what I did to "improve" the performance of Camtasia 4. When I
used Camtasia 4 at first, for short clips, it was fine. The next
project I did, I added more clips and audio, and my machine froze. I
had to CTRL-ALT-Delete (to bring up the task manager) and then quit
the Camtasia executable under the Processes tab.

The TechSmith support guy walked me through this:

Under my Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia4\FilterManager.ini\

Open the ini text file. At the bottom of the screen is the section below.
I changed "WhichMethod = 0" to "WhichMethod = 1". When I still had
problems (sluggish and poor performance) I changed it to "WhichMethod =
2". I am not sure if it is that much better now, but at least my
machine is working again.

WhichMethod = 2   ; Which method to use for filter management. 0=blacklist, 1=whitelist1, 2=whitelist2
WriteLog = 0      ; 0=No logging, 1=Writes a log at C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Techsmith\Logs\[EXEName].log