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This page last modified: Jul 21 2008
description:Why allow/deny directives may not work with Apache and OSX.
title:Apache allow/deny and OSX

The following is probably true when running the WebPerfCache that is
enabled by default with Apple's install of Apache httpd. Disable
WebPerfCache and you'll probably find that this works. WebPerfCache
breaks several other standard features of Apache httpd.

# Normal Apache Allow directives don't work. Due to the port swap
# REMOTE_ADDR always has the ip address of the server instead of the
# ip address of the user.
# The following code does not work.
#Order Deny,Allow
#Deny from all
# HTTP_PC_REMOTE_ADDR can't be used, apparently because it is not a server-wide variable.
# SetEnvIf HTTP_PC_REMOTE_ADDR ^128.143.* local_user
#Allow from env=local_user